"The goal of channeling is transformation, not just the imparting of information… "   - IAM

Welcome to the online home of the High Guide IAM.  We are an expanding group dedicated to knowing ourselves, sharing a commitment to service and peace with others, and bringing healing and comfort of IAM to many. Please browse our pages and contact us with questions and to register for an upcoming session with IAM!
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 "It is a lovely day is it not? A lovely day is comprised of many small moments of love. When they accumulate, one calls it a lovely day. It is in the frequency of love that we speak here now, and it is in the frequency of love that we hear your questions, and it is in the frequency of love that we are able to respond and speak words that have meaning and give answers and hope to those here. " IAM  Jan 2017

        "Our message is that of love. (Clears throat).    The vehicle is clearing the throat because this love is not easily communicated down through the levels into the material plane. As it descends, it loses much of the meaning.    In the Universe you presently live, there are many contractual bonds between individuals.  We don’t come to bind, we come to free. ...  It is the consciousness itself that is feeling this love. We wish for it to be freed from experience,   freed from demands,   freed from limitations,   so it can sense through the higher faculties, the nature of love, and further converse with love, and communicate to others through the language of this love.Indeed this our only wish for you. Our methods are several, and vary day to day. Fond greetings to you all. Blessings to your families."     IAM   May 2016


"There is much confusion, and many are seeking answers as a result. Because of this confusion, more will be led out of confusion. (Pause) This is the union of opposites, is it not?"   IAM

It is mostly a matter of appreciation. It is our wish that more and more come to appreciate the nature of the message delivered here within."   IAM

"It is in this sense that one can have the feeling of true surrender, for there is no work as such to be done, only in so far as one needs to steer oneself to stay in this river of relaxation, and to follow it to its highest conclusion."       IAM

"So the human race has a pressing need to move forward, but it is not a complicated need. It is a need of simplification." IAM

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Sessions with the High Guide IAM are held regularly. Please contact us for upcoming dates and events.

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To participate in a small-group session with IAM, please provide the following contact information. Sessions are by donation (please use the PayPal donate link.) Please be sure to also fill out the contact information below. Thank you!

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Capstone Crystals are recommended for all attendees, and required to ask questions during the session.

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About IAM:

Dr. Virginia Davis Harper, D.C. has been in family practice as an alternative health care physician for over 36 years, and is the vehicle for the High Guide IAM.  Since 1987, she has been offering channeling sessions to the public. IAM speaks to individuals of all faiths and backgrounds, and offers guidance on a wide range of spiritual and practical topics. 

Sessions with IAM:

Classes are open to all regardless of back-ground or belief, and they are intended to help those seeking spiritual upliftment as well as help with everyday problems. Participants have a chance to ask questions and receive personal attention within a small group setting. 


Please register for each session you wish to attend by selecting your donation amount and filling out your registration information for that session. 

Upcoming Dates:

Sessions are held regularly. Please contact us at IAMisherevideo@gmail.com or call 413-230-3204 for upcoming dates. 


Attendance may be either in person or by remote. Audio and video recording are not permitted.  Official transcripts and/or digital access to the recording may be available. Please inquire at the session. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are there guidelines for asking questions of IAM?
  • It is not necessary to ask a question or say anything at all to receive benefit from the session…you may also ask questions for friends and loved ones.

  •  All questions should come from the heart, with a genuine desire for true knowing, and not from a belief in mere intellectual understanding.

  •  Pay attention to every word as it comes to you, as every word is intentionally chosen and imbued with the vibrational essence that is meant just for you!

  •  Pauses in word transmission from IAM don't mean that nothing is happening; in fact, these can be times that you are being blessed with healing vibrations from the other side.

  • Remember that love is the motivating factor that enables the guides to be able to speak to us at all!

  • IAM knows how many in the group have questions, and what they are, ahead of time. There is never an arbitrary ending of the session before all pertinent questions are answered.

  •  When someone else asks a question, try to identify with it, and use the answer to help yourself - especially if you find yourself having a strong reaction to any person or question.

  •  IAM is Mother-Father energy - not entirely male or female.

  •  IAM is not speaking to that part of you that is caught up in ordinary reality, but rather speaks to that part of you that vibrates in sync with all Creation - that of your Higher Self.

  •  Respect and trust for IAM will grow with continued contact. It is enough to pay attention to the words given by IAM and use them to the best of one's ability.

  •  Remember at all times that being responsible for the reality of your life is an entirely different thing than being to blame for anything that has ever happened to you.

  •  Give thanks ahead of time for the help you expect to receive, and know that you are worthy of assistance.  

 What participants are saying about IAM:
  • “IAM’s words went straight to deepest depths of my heart, where guilt and failure feelings were all released and replaced with love and acceptance. I found that my true self was trying to break through.”

  • “IAM has made me realize that there truly is a higher power, and it cares very much about every aspect of our lives, no matter how small."

  • “A realization that I gained from IAM was the importance of each person, each animal, every plant, every action, every moment. we are all interconnected.”

  • “Each time I reconnect with IAM, I am reminded that everything is made of light and love.”

  • “I feel like I can feel the energy more in other people and myself. I was really reminded that we can have an impact on our lives just by working with our energy."

  •  “It seemed very appropriate for my sister, I didn’t get to ask for her, but IAM gave a healing for our family at the beginning, which felt like it would help."

  •  “From the last time that I connected with IAM, I feel like something has been lifted from me."